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By Admin - 09/12/2021

What do nations such as the United States, Korea, China, Spain, and Germany all have in common?

Every year, a large number of overseas students enroll at their educational institutions. In any case, why do so many students decide to study abroad? You would guess that the solution is the abundance of talented teachers and researchers available to overseas students at top universities.

But have you given any thought to how the student exchange program impacts the international education system?

Some of the most effective ways to promote international student exchange and thereby higher education in other countries are student exchange programs. Coursework for students that allows them to take classes at educational institutions in other countries is known as an international student exchange program.

Note that, current student exchange programs are working on some old strategies or at some limited level. But, people from all over the world can take advantage of the diverse educational options provided by the Practice Gates Program at college town campuses around the globe.

About Practice Gates

Practice Gates was founded for the world’s community vision to empower college towns to be the incubator of skill development programs, where we strive to be the creative learning solution on university campuses through our innovative training method that enhances human capabilities.

Our mission is to make academic and professional programs accessible to audiences seeking learning empowerment.

We are committed to advancing academic and cultural interactions by making full use of the diverse resources and areas of expertise offered by our universities and drawing upon the loyal support of our local community.

The acquisition of a second language paves the way for several new opportunities, both personally and professionally. Students of all ages are able to participate in this one-of-a-kind program, which provides them with the opportunity to research language in an interactive manner and in a relaxed academic setting. Anyone with an interest in learning a new language is welcome to sign up for the Practice Gates program.

Our mission is not limited to teaching languages; rather, we are working toward educating them on a broad range of topics and skills.

The vast majority of our plans are suitable for novices who have little to no prior expertise. For individuals who already have some background in the language, there are other alternatives for intermediate and advanced speakers to choose from.

Through highly participatory conversations and activities, we strive to foster a feeling of community in each and every one of our classes using the same proven methods and guiding principles.

Practice Gates, with its new training initiative, is based on 4 distinct pillars.

  1. Voluntary jobs.

  2. Academic Activities.

  3. Certified Partners On/Off Campuses.

  4. Learning principles of a second Language along with special topics in Academic areas or even Career Professional areas.

Why are we taking this step?

It can be challenging for students from any cultural or intellectual background to adjust to a new academic environment, but this is especially true for international students.

As with any student, international students need to figure out how to do well academically and socially while also navigating a new language, unfamiliar legal system, and foreign cultural norms. In such cases, Practice Gates proves itself the best to assist international students in almost every field.

We are proud to announce our values which include:

  • Experience

  • Performance

  • Competence

  • Knowledge

  • Ethics

  • Vision

  • Development

  • Potential


With carefully curated programs available on-campus, college towns can serve as hubs for innovation and cross-cultural understanding.

Offering the Practice Gates program in universities is not just beneficial for international students but also for the community as well as universities. Therefore, we as a nation, can become the most popular, sought-after, and beneficial sponsor of educational approaches in all major cities with universities.

Why apply to the Practice Gates program at your university?

As mentioned above, our offers not just revolve around the students but have multiple perks for universities.

As we implement our training approach in many college towns, we offer our marketing services to the educational institutions that have signed an agreement with us to make their campus a partner with Practice Gates.

We uphold the highest standards of our affiliated academic institutions as well as provide individualized training for every field of interest to our groups

What makes us different from other training programs?

We are the first platform of its kind that focuses on integrating college towns with the wider world. We are the first solution for a better cultural exchange, the best enabler for internationalization on campuses all over the world, and we are strong believers that languages are the key to practice. Additionally, our training programs are unique with specific standards that ensure we deliver the best.

Why should you join the Practice Gates program?

The Practice Gates team, by the following points, is confident to provide you with the best learning solution:

We Are Unique

We are pioneering sponsors of such a unique training program and the first learning empowerment platform that has uniquely qualified training standards that are practiced and applied in academic environments.

Professional Team

We are proud of our team which represents highly qualified universities.

Live Training On Campus

We seek to integrate campus features to provide the best experience between campuses and world communities.

Accelerate Skill Acquisition

Our unique training method will help increase the ability to acquire skills to improve human capability in marked shorter periods of time than usual.

Cultural Exchange

We believe merging different communities will make a positive change in promoting global citizenship.

Value-based Experience

We aim to empower the skills and abilities through language learning in a distinctive way in order to create a youth system based on excellence and creativity in order to reach high-quality results with practical feasibility that builds an unparalleled society.

 Custom-designed Programs

Our methodology is designed to fit the requirements of any individual, academic, and professional needs.

We have a strong belief that if you seek skill enhancement and development in your admired field, Practice Gates is your achievement partner.

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